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Cardcaptors classic english dub complete series

Cardcaptors classic english dub complete series

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1-70 Episodes


April 7, 1998 – March 21, 2000



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Cardcaptor Sakura takes place in the fictional Japanese city of Tomoeda which is somewhere near Tokyo. Ten-year-old Sakura Kinomoto accidentally releases a set of magical cards known as Clow Cards from a book in her basement created and named after the sorcerer Clow Reed. Each card has its own unique ability and can assume an alternate form when activated. The guardian of the cards, Cerberus (nicknamed Kero), emerges from the book and explains that only a person with magical powers could open the seal of the book, clarifying that Sakura can do magic. Kero chooses Sakura to retrieve the missing cards. As she finds each card, she battles its magical personification and defeats it by sealing it away. Cerberus acts as her guide, while her best friend and second cousin, Tomoyo Daidouji films her exploits and provides her with both battle costumes and moral support. Sakura's older brother Toya Kinomoto watches over her, while pretending that he is unaware of what is going on.

Syaoran Li, a boy Sakura's age and a descendant of Clow Reed, arrives from Hong Kong to recapture the cards himself. While initially antagonistic, he comes to respect Sakura and begins aiding her in capturing the cards. Once Sakura captures all of the cards, she is tested by Yue, the cards' second guardian, to determine if she is worthy of becoming the cards' true master; Yue is also the true form of Yukito Tsukishiro, Toya's best friend who Sakura has a crush on. Aided by her school teacher Kaho Mizuki, Sakura passes the test and becomes the new master of the Clow Cards.


  1. One Fateful Day
  2. Partners in Crime
  3. Allies
  4. An Unexpected Find
  5. Trouble at Twin Bells
  6. Seeing Is Believing
  7. The Mysterious Painting
  8. Sakura's Rival
  9. Double Edged Sword
  10. An Unexpected Reunion
  11. The Special Box
  12. Time and Again
  13. Power's Ploy
  14. Play Misty For Tori
  15. Sakura and Kero's Big Fight
  16. The Summer House
  17. The Cave
  18. A Fair To Remember
  19. Nothing To Report
  20. The New Rival
  21. The Long Marathon
  22. No Time For Sleep
  23. Practice Makes Perfect
  24. No Problem Too Small
  25. Double Take
  26. No Way Out
  27. Return to the Future
  28. Buyer Beware
  29. How Sweet It Is
  30. The Race
  31. Dragon Slayer
  32. The Switch
  33. Ice Breaker
  34. By The Light of The Full Moon
  35. The Third Element
  36. Stormy Weather
  37. The Show Must Go On
  38. A Berry Strange Day
  39. Under the Weather
  40. Dream a Little Dream
  41. The Sands of Time
  42. A Strange Intermission
  43. Meilin's Story
  44. The Last Card Part 1
  45. The Last Card Part 2
  46. The Final Judgement
  47. The New Transfer Student
  48. Unlocking The Key
  49. The Dangerous Piano
  50. The Threads That Bind
  51. Attack of The Teddy Bear
  52. Trouble at the Park
  53. Running Out of Time
  54. Calendar of Memories
  55. Sakura In Wonderland
  56. Spinning Out of Control
  57. Li's Calling
  58. Double Trouble
  59. Trapped
  60. Just Like Old Times
  61. A Present For The Cards
  62. Sakura's Strange Fortune
  63. A Wave of Danger
  64. Slippery Slope
  65. Lights, Camera, Vanish
  66. When Stars Fall
  67. The Calm Before The Storm
  68. Sakura's Return to the Past
  69. Revelations Part 1
  70. Revelations Part 2

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