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Voltron: Fleet of Doom Special DVD

Voltron: Fleet of Doom Special DVD

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Voltron: Fleet of Doom is a television special

Original release September 10, 1986


In his attempt to destroy the Galaxy Alliance, King Zarkon allies himself with Viceroy Throk of the Drule Supreme Council to create a mighty armada known as the Fleet of Doom. To stop Zarkon and his allies, the heroes of both Voltron series must join forces to stop them before they can destroy the Alliance. But when Princess Allura is captured by Witch Haggar, Keith sets out to rescue her so that they can rejoin their friends in time to stop the Fleet of Doom from destroying the secret power base of the Galaxy Alliance.

1x DVD 

Audio English

running time: 44 minutes

Region 0 (Worldwide playback)

Running time 46 minutes

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