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Zoids (Genesis) Complete English Subtitled

Zoids (Genesis) Complete English Subtitled

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Zoids : Zoido Jeneshisu (Genesis) Complete English Subs DVD Set
Show Title Zoids Genesis (Zoido Jeneshisu)
Discs 7 Discs
Episodes 1-50 (Complete Series)

Apr 10, 2005 – Mar 26, 2006




w/ English Subtitles

Region Free (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
New sealed (in cellophane bag)
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English Subtitles



Much like Zoids: Fuzors, Genesis (Zoido Jeneshisu) still takes place on Planet Zi, and also seems to share no connection to the previous series. The show takes a more post-apocalyptic setting, following a cataclysmic environmental/geological event known as "Gods' Fury" that has destroyed much of the civilizations on Zi and devastated the planet. Many of Zi's survivors have created new civilizations with the use of giant structures called "Generators" that are scattered around the planet. However, out of the ashes of "Gods' Fury", the technology of the Zoids still existed and are constantly excavated for human use. The show returns to the more adventurous and war-themed styles reminiscent of Zoids: Chaotic Century. It focuses on a boy named Ruuji who lives in a small seaside village called Miroodo and eventually becomes the pilot of the Murasame Liger after excavating it from the ocean.


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