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Corrector Yui Complete Season 2 English Subtitled

Corrector Yui Complete Season 2 English Subtitled

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Corrector Yui Complete Season 2

Show Title Corrector Yui
No. DVD’s 5 DVD's

Complete Season 2

(1-26 Episodes) 

Release  2000



English Subtitles ON/OFF option
Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)




DVDrip 1080p High Resolution
RUNTIME 13h (26 episodes)
GENRESAnime, Fantasy, Science Fiction
Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
Custom dvd boxsets
Interactive Menu, Play All


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It is the year 2020 and computers have become an integral part of daily life for most people. However, a teenage girl Yui Kasuga is one of the few who cannot use computers at all, despite the fact that her father is a software developer. An evil computer called Grosser wants to take over the ComNet (what the Internet is called in Yui's time) and as the programs that have been developed to stop it (called "Correctors") need her help, she is sucked into the ComNet where she is recruited by a corrector called I.R., who gives her downloadable element suits that allow her to become the ComNet Fairy Corrector Yui who can fight Grosser's computer viruses.

2nd Season

No. Title Original Air Date
1 IR No Longer Needed!? (Japanese:IRはもういらない!?) April 14, 2000
2 Corrector Yui No Longer Needed!? (Japanese:コレクター・ユイはもういらない!?) April 21, 2000
3 The Lost Little Girl (Japanese:迷子の少女) April 28, 2000
4 Yui and Ai: The Stage Battle (Japanese:ユイと愛の演劇バトル) May 5, 2000
5 It's What I'm Going to be! A Manga Artist (Japanese:めざせ! マンガ家) May 12, 2000
6 The Battlefield In -200 Degrees (Japanese:マイナス200℃の戦い) May 19, 2000
7 Prediction! How to Be Popular (Japanese:占います! モテる条件) May 26, 2000
8 Search for the Sun! (Japanese:太陽を追いかけろ!) June 2, 2000
9 Yui Becomes an Idol!? (Japanese:ユイちゃんアイドルになる!?) June 9, 2000
10 Nettie Has Disappeared (Japanese:消えたネッティー) June 16, 2000
11 Freeze's School Diary (Japanese:フリーズの学園日記) June 23, 2000
12 Ai's Private Lesson (Japanese:愛の個人レッスン) June 30, 2000
13 Peace Goes on a Rampage!? (Japanese:ピース大ぼうそう!?) July 7, 2000
14 Yui Goes to The Hot Spring (Japanese:温泉旅行だよユイちゃん) July 14, 2000
15 Around The World in 8 Hours (Japanese:8時間世界一周) July 21, 2000
16 Decide! Corrector Haruna (Japanese:決めます!コレクター春菜) July 28, 2000
17 Yui Falls in Love (Japanese:ユイちゃん恋をする) August 4, 2000
18 Trouble in Jaggy's Library (Japanese:ジャギー図書館大さわぎ) August 25, 2000
19 The Sunflower Girl (Japanese:ひまわりの中の少女) September 1, 2000
20 Triple Correctors Meeting! (Japanese:トリプルコレクター見参!) September 8, 2000
21 Tragic Freeze (Japanese:悲しみのフリーズ) September 15, 2000
22 Corrector Ai's True Character (Japanese:コレクター・アイの正体) September 22, 2000
23 Ai and Ai and I (Japanese:愛とアイとi) September 29, 2000
24 ComNet's Greatest Crisis (Japanese:コムネット最大の危機) October 6, 2000
25 ComNet's Collapse!? (Japanese:コムネット崩壊!?) October 13, 2000
26 We Are All Friends (Japanese:みんな友だち) October 20, 2000
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