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Stitch & Ai Complete English Series DVD Set

Stitch & Ai Complete English Series DVD Set

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No. of Seasons  1
No. of Episodes 13
[Complete Series]
No. of DVD's 3
DVD Language English
Original Air

Mar 27-Apr 6 2017

Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
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Highest Quality Episodes

Episode List

E13 · Monstrosity
E12 · Brothers
E11 · Creatures
E10 · Dream On
E09 · The Phoenix
E08 · Tell The World
EP7 · Dragon Parade
E06 · The Lock
E05 · Spirals
E04 · The Scroll
E03 · Gotcha!
E02 · Teacher's Pet
E01 · Hello - Goodbye


Stitch & Ai follows the events of Lilo & Stitch and its subsequent film and television sequels up to and including Leroy & Stitch.The series shows Stitch kidnapped by the Jaboodies, a faction of alien criminals who want to use him to have their own destructive genetic experiment. However, thanks to a rival faction called the Woolagongs trying to kidnap Stitch themselves by stealing him from the Jaboodies, Stitch escapes back to Earth, ending up on China's Huangshan mountains. There he befriends Ai, a spirited local girl who is at risk of being separated from her older sister Jiejie. Stitch becomes Ai's "dog", and the two help one another dealing with the other's problems; Ai helps Stitch deal with the space criminals, while he helps her stay in the mountains with her family.



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