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Best buy ever!

I am so glad I bought this set. Originally I was casually trying to see if I could find the Tokyo Mew Mew series anywhere on the internet. When I was about to give up, I saw that this website had it all! Of course I was initially wary, there are fake websites, so I ran it through some safety websites and it confirmed this place was pretty safe. So of course while it was on sale, I bought it! Best splurge purchase ever. :) My money wasn't hacked, which was good so this website is trustworthy. My CDs worked on my DVD player. (I'm Region 1, so this works for anyone Region 1) They had good quality and audio. It had everything it said it would, which is great! I am very happy I got this rarity of a set and can relive childhood. :D Check ebay and you'll see how expensive the Japanese CDs are. Sheesh. Anyways, thank you so much Retro animation! I'll be sure to order some customs in the future. :)

Elizabeth Pino, Feb 3 2022

Star Rating: Retroanimation 5 star review

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Mew mew power complete dvd

MEW MEW POWER+TOKYO POWER 1-52 Complete Series (11 DVD Box Set)