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do you have anime calledThe File of Young Kindaichi

saeed almarzoqui

do you have anime calledThe File of Young Kindaichi

saeed almarzoqui

I ordered a box set beginning of November 2023 costing over £83 with shipping. Website still only shows same shipping date. Despite emails asking then demanding urgent reply I have heard nothing from company. This was supposed to be a very special present and has left me anngry annd very upset. The fact that a company can’t even bother to explain what the delay in my order is, is despicable. I don’t have money to just give away! All I’ve now read is about a lot of customers let down and ignored!

Karen Solomon

I placed an order for 2 dvd box sets that cost $241.97 on August 30, 2023 (order #3042), and it is now March 19, 2024 and I have yet to receive it. I was looking forward to purchasing more from this site, but as I have yet to receive my initial order and I have not received any responses to my emails, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make any more purchases until I get my initial order delivered. I truly believe I’ve been scammed at this point, and it’s truly disappointing. I spent hard earned money on this, especially during this economy, and to not have my order with no foreseeable delivery of that order makes me extremely upset. I wouldn’t even complain at this point cause this is run by one person, supposedly, if we were at least given a window of delivery, even if it’s a long window, but to not respond to customer emails and concerns or give an estimated delivery window is inexcusable.


Order and never received product. Emailed and messaged, never got response from retro. Do not buy from here


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