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Ojamajo Doremi Sharp + Movie English Subs DVD Set

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp + Movie English Subs DVD Set

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Ojamajo Doremi Sharp Complete Series + Movie English Subs DVD Set

Ojamajo Doremi #

Ojamajo Doremi Sharp # 

Complete 2nd Series of Ojamajo Doremi

No. Discs


5 DVD’s 

48 Episodes

1 Movie  

Complete Series

Original run February 6, 2000 January 28, 2001




 w/English Subtitles


Interactive Menu, Play All

Region Free (Any DVD Player Worldwide)

Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
custom DVD sets



This is the “second installment” in the Ojamajo Doremi Series! 

 At the start of the fourth grade, Doremi and the others, who sneak into the Witch World to visit Majo Rika, witness the birth of a magical baby, who is given the name Hana. As witch law dictates that whoever witnesses a magical baby's birth must take care of it for a year, Doremi and the others are once again made witch apprentices, tasked with raising Hana. While also taking care of the Maho-Do, which has now become a gardening store, the girls must ensure Hana's growth and help her pass several health examinations held by the Witch World's head nurse, Majo Heart. Meanwhile, a wizard named Oyajide attempts to kidnap Hana to help aid the Wizard World, later enlisting the help of four young wizards known as the FLAT 4. At the end of the series, after the witch apprentices help mend relations between the Witch and Wizard Worlds, they once again give up their powers in order to protect Hana from the past queen of the Witch World.






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