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Digimon Tamers English Subbed DVD Set

Digimon Tamers English Subbed DVD Set

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Title Digimon Tamers
Discs 8 DVD’s 

1-51 End

[Complete Series]

Original Year 2001





English Subtitles

Digimon Tamers
Source: | BD (bluray) 4:3

Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
Digimon Tamers
Third Season 
DVDrip Highest Quality Episodes
English Subbed Version
Condition: New (in cellophane bag)
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Custom Made DVD Sets
Takato Matsuki, a fan of the Digimon card game, finds a Blue Card, which transforms his card reader into a D-Power Digivice. His original Digimon creation, Guilmon, materializes into real life when his D-Power scans his drawings. Takato meets Henry Wong and Rika Nonaka, two other children who are partnered with Terriermon and Renamon, as well as Calumon and Impmon.
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