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Code Lyoko Complete Seasons 1 2 3 4 English DVD

Code Lyoko Complete Seasons 1 2 3 4 English DVD

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Code Lyoko Complete English Series

Show Title Code Lyoko 
Discs 11 DVD's

Complete Series

  • 95 Episodes
  • 2 Part XANA Special
Year 2004-2006



English Dubbed 

480p DVDrip 

Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
Interactive Menu, Play All
Episode Selection 
Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
Custom DVD Sets 

DVD Screenshots


Jeremy Belpois, a 12-year-old prodigy attending boarding school at Kadic Academy, discovers a quantum supercomputer in an abandoned factory near his school. Upon activating it, he discovers a virtual world called Lyoko with an artificially intelligent girl named Aelita trapped inside it. Jeremy learns of X.A.N.A., a fully autonomous, malevolent, and highly intelligent multi-agent system, that also dwells within the Supercomputer. Using Lyoko's powers, X.A.N.A can possess electronics and objects in the real world like a virus to wreak havoc. X.A.N.A.'s primary objective is to eliminate anyone aware of the Supercomputer's existence so that it will be free to conquer the real world and destroy all humanity.

Series + CD:



  • Planet Net
  • Angel of Mine
  • School is Out
  • Virtual World
  • Time to Cry
  • Secret Life
  • Surfing in Cyberspace
  • Mother Earth
  • Get Away
  • World with my Eyes
  • Break Away

Episode List: 

Season 1 (2004)

Episode 00 XANA Awakens

Episode 01 Teddygozilla

Episode 02 Seeing Is Believing

Episode 03 Holiday In The Fog

Episode 04 Log Book

Episode 05 Big Bug

Episode 06 Cruel Dilemma

Episode 07 Image Problem

Episode 08 End Of Take

Episode 09 Satellite

Episode 10 The Girl Of The Dreams

Episode 11 Plagued

Episode 12 Swarming Attack

Episode 13 Just In Time

Episode 14 The Trap

Episode 15 Laughing Fit

Episode 16 Claustrophobia

Episode 17 Amnesia

Episode 18 Killer Music

Episode 19 Frontier

Episode 20 The Robots

Episode 21 Zero Gravity Zone

Episode 22 Routine

Episode 23 Rock Bottom

Episode 24 Ghost Channel

Episode 25 Code: Earth

Episode 26 False Start

Season 2 (2005)

Episode 27 New Order

Episode 28 Uncharted Territory

Episode 29 Exploration

Episode 30 A Great Day

Episode 31 Mister Puck

Episode 32 Saint Valentines Day

Episode 33 Final Mix

Episode 34 Missing Link

Episode 35 The Chips Are Down

Episode 36 Marabounta

Episode 37 Common Interest

Episode 38 Temptation

Episode 39 A Bad Turn

Episode 40 Attack Of The Zombies

Episode 41 Ultimatum

Episode 42 A Fine Mess

Episode 43 Xana's Kiss

Episode 44 Vertigo

Episode 45 Cold War

Episode 46 Deja Vu

Episode 47 Tip Top Shape

Episode 48 Is Anybody Out There?

Episode 49 Franz Hopper

Episode 50 Contact

Episode 51 Revelation

Episode 52 The Key

Season 3 (2006)

Episode 53 Straight To Heart

Episode 54 Lyoko Minus One

Episode 55 Tidal Wave

Episode 56 False Lead

Episode 57 Aelita

Episode 58 The Pretender

Episode 59 The Secret

Episode 60 Temporary Insanity

Episode 61 Sabotage

Episode 62 Nobody In Particular

Episode 63 Triple Trouble

Episode 64 Double Trouble

Episode 65 Final Round

Season 4 (2007)

Episode 66 William Returns

Episode 67 Double Take

Episode 68 Opening Act

Episode 69 Wreck Room

Episode 70 Skidbladnir

Episode 71 Maiden Voyage

Episode 72 Crash Course

Episode 73 Replika

Episode 74 I'd Rather Not Talk About It

Episode 75 Hot Shower

Episode 76 The Lake

Episode 77 Lost At Sea

Episode 78 Lab Rat

Episode 79 Bragging Rights

Episode 80 Dog Day Afternoon

Episode 81 A Lack Of Goodwill

Episode 82 Distant Memory

Episode 83 Hard Luck

Episode 84 Guided Missile

Episode 85 Kadic Bombshell

Episode 86 Canine Conundrum

Episode 87 A Space Oddity

Episode 88 Cousins Once Removed

Episode 89 Music To Soothe The Savage Beast

Episode 90 Wrong Exposure

Episode 91 Bad Connection

Episode 92 Cold Sweat

Episode 93 Down To Earth

Episode 94 Fight To The Finish

Episode 95 Echoes


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DVD Details

-All Region play on any DVD Player Worldwide

-DVD w/ interactive menu including play all & episode selection

-Premium glossy Insert cover

-A Custom boxset, shipping sealed.


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