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Zoids Fuzors Complete English DVD Set

Zoids Fuzors Complete English DVD Set

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Zoids Fuzors Complete English Dub

Show Title Zoids Fuzors 
Discs 4 DVD’s


Complete Series 

Original Year Oct 4, 2003 – Dec 27, 2003
Audio English Dubbed
Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
Sealed New (in cellophane bag)
interactive menu, play all
high quality dvdrip episodes
custom made dvd sets



Like the rest of the Zoids anime, Fuzors takes place on Planet Zi; there are obvious connections to the previous series. In Zoids Fuzors they show the connections between the series when they make RD research the (CAS) Changing Armor System that Bit Cloud used in Zoids New Century Zero.

The series focuses on a delivery boy named RD who works for a company called Mach Storm, based in Blue City. Mach Storm also moonlights as a Zoids battling team. RD learns the ropes of becoming a good Zoid pilot, and eventually discovers the abilities to fuse with other Zoids. Like Zoids: New Century Zero, Zoids battles are also fought for competition, however, instead of the Judge Satellites and wide open areas used for fighting, the sanctioned battles take place in enclosed arenas. Also, much like Zero, RD's main Zoid is the Liger Zero.


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