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Welcome To Pooh Corner - 46 Episodes - Winnie The Pooh DVD Set

Welcome To Pooh Corner - 46 Episodes - Winnie The Pooh DVD Set

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 Welcome To Pooh Corner - 46 Episodes - Winnie The Pooh 


Discs  6 DVD
Episodes 46
DVD Menu Yes
Region Region Free
Language English 
Original Air
April 18, 1983 – May 30, 1986
New (in cellophane bag)
Custom DvD Set

Episodes included: 42 Full Length Episodes + 4 Bonus Specials 

Roo's Great Adventure

You Need a Friend

A Brand New Sign

Piglet Sings Out

Pooh Corner Singing Society

The Old Swimming Hole

Practice Makes Perfect

Piglet Pride

Eeyore's Costume Party

Eeyore's Gift

Piglet lends a Helping Hand

Do It Now

Pooh Goes Boom

It Must Be Summer

Safety First



Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots

The Pooh Scouts

Song of Eeyore

Hi Neighbor

Happy Birthday, Roo

Pooh Corner on Parade

Tale of a Tail

Iceboat Cometh

Rabbit Learns to Share

Tigger Takes a Fall

The Great Outdoors

Pooh Learns to Remember

Surprise, Surprise

Fine Feathered Friend

Pooh Builds a Bee House

Doing What I Do Best

Eeyore talks to Himself

Pooh Makes a Trade

Hello, Hello There

Snow Falls on Pooh Corner

The Long, Long Walk

Treasures Island

Almost Perfect Picnic

Day for Knights

Tigger Finds a Hobby


SPECIAL: Because its Halloween

SPECIAL: Christmas at Pooh Coner

SPECIAL: Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure

SPECIAL: Holiday for Pooh Bear

Welcome to Pooh Corner is a live-action/puppet television series that aired on The Disney Channel, featuring the characters from the Winnie the Pooh universe portrayed by actors in human-sized puppet suits, except Roo, who was usually a traditional puppet.


Each show began with an introduction sequence with Laurie Main speaking to the audience. He would relate what he was talking about to an event that occurred in the Hundred Acre Wood, the home of the Pooh characters, and then he would proceed to read from a book entitled Welcome to Pooh Corner. He would then narrate the episode acted out by the characters. The action was filmed before a blue screen, rather than using traditional sets.

Since the show was designed for The Disney Channel before it began airing commercials, there were no breaks for commercials. As a result, the show lasted a full thirty minutes. The main story ran about twenty minutes followed by two shorter segments. The first segment was a music video featuring one of ten songs, used over and over throughout the show's run. These songs were written by the Academy Award winning Sherman Brothers who had provided the majority of the Winnie the Pooh music over the years. The Sherman Brothers also wrote the show's theme song, using the music from the original Winnie the Pooh theme song from The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

The last segment of the show was a presentational arts and crafts demonstration. One of the cast members would speak to the narrator, looking directly into the camera, while they showed the viewers at home how to make something.

In addition to normal episodes, several holiday episodes and educational specials were also produced, such as Too Smart for Strangers (1985), where Pooh and his friends explain to people what to do when they meet someone they don't know. They also discuss "Not-Okay touching," at a time when cases of child molestation were becoming more frequent, and was used as a guide for victims and their families.

Dumbo's Circus, another Disney Channel live-action/puppet television series, was produced in a similar way, with actors in costumes in front of a blue screen. The show's title derives from the second Winnie the Pooh storybook, The House at Pooh Corner.

Welcome to Pooh Corner began airing in 1983, and was removed from the channel when it began airing commercial breaks in 1997. As a result, the show's VHS releases have become hard to find.

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-All Region play on any DVD Player Worldwide

-DVD w/ interactive menu including play all & episode selection

-Premium glossy Insert cover

-A Custom boxset, shipping sealed.


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