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    Space Battleship Yamato (1974-1975) Complete Series DVD English Subtitles

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    Space Battleship Yamato (1974-1975) Complete Series DVD English Subtitles

    Space Battleship Yamato Season 1 English Subs [1974] [1080p] 

    Show Title
    Space Battleship Yamato
    No. DVD’s 4 Discs

    Complete Season (1-26  Episodes) 

    Space Battleship Yamato I (Season1) [1080p] 

    High Resolution DVD Set

    Release  October 6, 1974 – March 30, 1975






    English Subtitles on/off

    source : bluray rip 1080p 


    Region Free 0 (Any DVD Player Worldwide)
    [1080p] High Definition
    English Subtitles ON/OFF
    SEALED New (in cellophane bag)
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    # Episode Name Original air date
    01 "SOS Earth! Revive Space Battleship Yamato!"
    Transcription: "SOS chikyū!! Yomigaere uchū senkan Yamato"
    October 6, 1974
    The Earth Defense Force has its last battle with the Gamilas near Pluto. Meanwhile, a mysterious spaceship crashes on Mars.
    02 "The Opening Gun! Space Battleship Yamato Starts!"
    Transcription: "Gōhō ichi hatsu!! Uchū senkan Yamato shidō!!"
    October 13, 1974
    The wreckage of the Imperial Japanese Navy battleship Yamato holds a secret. Finally, there is hope.
    03 "Yamato Launch! The Challenge of 296,000 Light Years!"
    Transcription: "Yamato hasshin!! 29 man 6 sen kōnen e no chōsen!!
    October 20, 1974
    04 "World of Wonder! Yamato Leaps Past Light!"
    Transcription: "Kyōi no sekai!! Kō o tobikoe ta Yamato
    October 27, 1974
    05 "Escape the Floating Continent! Crisis Calls the Wave-Motion Gun!"
    Transcription: "Fuyū tairiku dasshutsu!! Kiki o yobu hadō hō!!"
    November 3, 1974
    06 "Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps in the Ice Field"
    Transcription: "Hyōgen ni nemuru uchū kuchiku kan yuki kaze!
    November 11, 1974
    07 "Yamato Sinks! Fateful Battle to Destroy the Enemy Stronghold!"
    Transcription: "Yamato unmei no yōsai kōrya ku sen!!
    November 17, 1974
    The Yamato arrives on Pluto and launches an attack on the base that has been bombarding Earth. But the base has a secret satellite reflective gun that hits the Yamato. It manages to crash-land in Pluto's ocean only to be sunk right away.
    08 "Yamato Braves Death! Destroy the Reflex Gun!"
    Transcription: "Kesshi no Yamato!! Hansha eisei hō gekiha seyo!!"
    November 24, 1974
    Playing a game of hide-and-seek underwater, the Yamato distracts base command while a commando led by Kodai goes to the surface to destroy the reflective gun and meeting blob-like Plutonians along the way. The explosion floods the base and the Gamilas are forced to evacuate.
    09 "Revolving Defense! Asteroid Belt!"
    Transcription: "Kaiten bōgyo!! Asuteroido beruto!!
    December 1, 1974
    Gamilas who saved their fleet are told to either win or die against the Yamato. The latter is heavily damaged and goes into hiding in an asteroid belt: Sanada using the asteroids as camouflage while repairing, then as an impenetrable ring of defense. The enemy fleet is annihilated.
    10 "Farewell, Solar System! From the Galaxy, With Love!"
    Transcription: "Saraba taiyō ken! Ginga yori ai o kome te!!"
    December 8, 1974
    Now the Yamato has some breathing room, the crew uses the opportunity to emit last minute transmissions towards the Earth, which won't be possible once they leave the solar system. Everybody is concerned by how desperate the situation on Earth has become, even if Kodai and Okita don't have anybody left to transmit to.
    11 "Resolution! Break Through the Gamilons' Absolute Defense Line!"
    Transcription: "Ketsudan!! Gamirasu zettai bōei sen totsunyū!!
    December 15, 1974
    The Yamato encounters a Gamilas minefield and attempts to cross it, but at some point the mines move closer on their own, so the ship has to stop and Analyzer is sent out to find the control mine and disable it, which he manages even though drunk at the time.
    12 "Certain Death! The Wishing Star of Orion, Hell-star!"
    Transcription: "Zettaizetsumei!! Orion no negai boshi, jigoku boshi
    December 22, 1974
    Near Orion the Yamato falls into a three-folded Gamilas trap: a magnetic barrier immobilizes it while missiles are being fired. Then a matter and energy eating gas cloud is sent after them. Finally the only way out of the barrier is through an active star. The Yamato attempts the passage.
    13 "Hurry, Yamato! Earth is Suffering!"
    Transcription: "Isoge Yamato!! Chikyū wa yan de iru!!
    December 29, 1974
    On a reconnaissance mission, Kodai captures a Gamilan pilot. The crew is shocked to see Gamilans are pretty much humans. Follows Kodai's flashback of year 2192 when Japan was meteor bombarded for the time, his parents died, and his brother was enlisted as a space cadet.
    14 "The Galaxy's Ordeal! The Year 2200 Advances!"
    Transcription: "Ginga no shiren!! Seireki 2200 nen no hasshin!!
    January 5, 1975
    The Yamato sits out a space storm for three weeks, waiting for a corridor through a star cluster, as according to Shima bypassing it would take at least forty days. Tensions are high among the crew, Kodai and Shima come to blows. Yuki asks Okita to let her make New Year's mochi to lighten the mood.
    15 "Desperate Escape! The Galaxy's Different Dimension"
    Transcription: "Hisshi no tōbō!! I jigen no Yamato
    January 12, 1975
    Closing in on planet Balan, the Yamato gets lost in a weird time dimension where both Wave-Motion and sub engines start acting up. Unfortunately Domel and his fleet are doing manoeuvres in the close vicinity. Only Okita's shrewdness and Starsha's guidance can save the Yamato now.
    16 "Planet Beemela, Underground Prison of Condemned Criminals"
    Transcription: "Bīmera boshi, chika rō no shikei shū!!
    January 19, 1975
    Yuki is still being harassed by Analyzer, who declares that he wants to marry her. Okita sends Yuki and Analyzer to the surface of the planet Beemela to find and bring back edible plants, but the two are captured by a group of rebels among the Beemelarians who suspect them of being Gamilan invaders.
    17 "Charge! Balanosaurus Special Attack Group!"
    Transcription: "Totsugeki!! Baranodon tokkōtai
    January 26, 1975
    18 "Floating Fortress Island! Two Men Brave Death!"
    Transcription: "Ukabu yōsai tō!! Tatta ni nin no kesshi tai!!
    February 2, 1975
    19 "Homesickness of Space! My Mother's Tears are My Tears!"
    Transcription: "Uchū no bōkyō!! Haha no namida wa waga namida
    February 9, 1975
    Aihara is suffering from severe homesickness, which sends him over the edge when he contacts Earth and sees his father die before his very eyes. After his appeals to Shima to turn the ship around fail, Aihara decides to strike out for home himself, not suspecting that he's being lured into a Gamilas trap.
    20 "The Day Planet Balan's Sun Fell!"
    Transcription: "Baran boshi ni taiyō ga rakka suru hi!!
    February 16, 1975
    21 "Desperate Challenge from Lysis' Fleet!"
    Transcription: "Domeru kantai!! Kesshi no chōsen jō
    February 23, 1975
    22 "Decisive Battle! Fight for Honor at the Rainbow Star Group!"
    Transcription: "Kessen!! Nana shoku seidan no kōbō sen!!
    March 2, 1975
    23 "Finally Arrived! Crest of the Magellanic Cloud's Wave!"
    Transcription: "Tsuini ki ta!! Mazeran seiun hakō shi!!
    March 9, 1975
    24 "Death Struggle! God, Weep for the Gamilons!"
    Transcription: "Shitō!! Shin yo gamirasu no tame ni nake!!"
    March 16, 1975
    25 "Iscandar! A Dying Planet of Love!"
    Transcription: "Isukandaru!! Horobiyuku ka ai no hoshi yo!!
    March 23, 1975
    26 "Earth! Yamato Returns!"
    Transcription: "Chikyū yo!! Yamato wa kaette ki ta!!
    March 30, 1975



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